Mobile Development

We help businesses take full advantage of mobile technologies in winning new customers and unlocking new revenue streams. Our custom mobile solutions help start-ups get started and growing businesses to go mobile, a must in today’s world where the number of mobile users is growing exponentially each year.

Our mobile software development services are specifically designed to quickly transform your existing online business into a successful mobile one, and your new ideas into successful mobile products.

We make sure your customers reach you whenever they need you, wherever they are.

When considering mobile development, we understand that our customers will require different mobile solutions and because of this, we offer you two options: native or hybrid applications.

Native applications are those applications specific to a platform/device and developed using manufacturer created software development kits and tools which ensures that they offer the best performance and user experience. These are the applications that you will find in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for example.

The benefits of native applications is that they perform faster, have app store distribution, can interface directly with a device’s native features and, because of tools provided by manufacturers, are of the best quality.

Here at Apex, we offer native development options for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Hybrid applications combine the idea of native applications with HTML and by doing so, give businesses the best of both worlds. These applications are developed using web code and then packaged in a native wrapper giving the user many of the advantages that native applications have, such as being able to take advantage of device capabilities, while having their own benefits like being able to run on multiple platforms and having a faster development cycle.